The Ecological Herbalist: Roots of Plant Medicine (Aug 29 - 30)

Sat Aug 29 to Sun Aug 30, 2020, London, ON

The ecological roots of plant medicine are for those interested in exploring and deepening into herbalism; for those desiring to gather the information to care for their families naturally; and for those wishing to pursue herbalism in a professional setting. This is a foundational training into the incredible world of plants and their medicinal uses. It provides a practical study of herbalism through an in-depth understanding of medicinal plants, as well as the study of herbal medicine for the body systems. An understanding and experience gained to assist family and friends in wholistic health applications.

The health of our planet, of our communities, and of our bodies are inextricably connected. The first step is to approach plant medicine from an ecological perspective, cultivating a regenerative practice that focuses on medicinal plants of our bioregion. We’ll approach herbalism with an emphasis on traditions indigenous wisdom to this continent, and look to eastern traditions, such as Ayurvedic Medicine, to deepen our understanding. A hands-on approach is the best of learning, and working with the plants themselves, fresh and dried herbs, and herbal preparations to build our knowledge. Herbalism is a wholistic study, recognizing that nutrition; exercise, stress management, and other natural modalities offer us a full experience of health. We encourage each individual to integrate their study into a personal practice, so they can benefit daily and master the material through the first-hand experience. Be empowered with the knowledge, tools, and experience to continue the journey to natural, radiant wellbeing.

Facilitator: Shantree Kacera, RH., DN., Ph.D.


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Contact Name: Shantree Kacera
Phone: 5196520230
E-mail: info (at)


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