Hempcrete Construction 4-day Workshop (Monday - Thursday)

Mon Jul 29 to Thu Aug 1, 2019, Kingston, ON

At our Hempcrete Construction Intensive Workshop you will learn everything you need to know to create a remarkable home insulation material from the hemp plant and to install it in your building!

Hempcrete is an exciting addition to the construction palette in North America! Hempcrete (or hemp-lime) construction uses chopped hemp hurd (the woody core of the hemp plant) mixed with hydraulic lime to create an insulation material with excellent thermal, moisture-handling, fire-resistance, non-toxic and structural properties. Hempcrete is also a carbon sequestering material.

Over the four days of this intensive workshop, you will learn about hempcrete theory and design in two classroom sessions, and get plenty of practical, hands-on learning experience on a small hempcrete building.

Instructor Chris Magwood is an experienced hempcrete builder and is the author of the book Essential Hempcrete Construction. “Magwood has combined his deep understanding of building science with some fortuitous hands-on experience of working with hempcrete to craft this timely and detailed guide to the essentials of hempcrete construction.” -Kelly Hart, www.greenhomebuilding.com

For anybody interested in building with hempcrete, this workshop is the ideal place to dive into the hands-on and theoretical learning process!

For More info please visit- http://endeavourcentre.org/event/hempcrete-intensive/


For more information:

Contact Name: Endeavour Centre
Website: http://endeavourcentre.org/event/hempcrete-intensive/
Phone: 7058685328
E-mail: contact (at) endeavourcentre.org


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