Permaculture Design Course and Sustainable Living Immersion - 6-week course

Mon Aug 6 to Fri Sep 14, 2018, Oregon, USA

Join us for 6 weeks of empowering and practical solutions at Aprovecho, a site renowned for over 30 years of work in Permaculture and sustainable development while learning from an assemblage of many of the best teachers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Teachers for this course include Jude Hobbs, Andrew Millison, Tao Orion, Chris Foraker, Abel Kloster, and Mike Hatfield.

Aprovecho’s Sustainable Living Skills Immersion is the oldest program of its kind in the Northwest and includes hands on training in appropriate technology, sustainable forestry, natural building, water harvesting, sustainable agriculture, and Permaculture.

The Permaculture Design curriculum is woven throughout the program, leaving students with a framework for integrating the learned strategies and techniques into cohesive designs for sustainable human settlement. The internationally recognized certificate in Permaculture Design is presented at the end of the program. While a typical Permaculture design course runs for two weeks, this course contains 200+ hours of classroom and hands on time. Students will leave this program prepared to not only manage aspects of sustainable systems, but able to put all aspects together into an integrated whole.

At the end of this course you will have experience with:

Building with natural materials including mixing and applying natural plasters, natural insulation techniques, and construction with cob
Designing and installing forest gardens and planting and tending trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants
Planning a garden for four seasons of food yields
Building a compost pile and brewing compost tea
Utilizing hand tools like levels and compass to establish base maps and plan water harvesting earthworks
Finding and maximizing the use of water as it moves through the land
Constructing swales, ponds, and greywater systems for increasing the availability of water in your landscape
Working with indoor and outdoor aquatic food systems including fish and aquatic plants
Canning, fermenting, drying and storing food
Designing rocket stoves and rocket mass heaters
Selecting and falling trees with hand tools
Restoring eroded stream channels
And putting it all together into a Permaculture master plan!


For more information:

Contact Name: Abby Colehour
Phone: 1-541-942-8198
E-mail: abby (at)

Additional Contacts & Websites:

Aprovecho Center for Research and Education in Sustainability


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