RCO Knowledge Session: Advancing the Circular Economy Through Buying Power

Thu Oct 12, 2017, Toronto, ON

The circular economy contains a series of concepts that aim to eliminate waste: going beyond simply recycling product and material at end-of life it suggests maximizing value throughout the entire product lifecycle - from production to end-of-life and along the entire supply chain - by improving product design and business models.

While the design of a product is central to waste reduction, procurement of goods and services plays a significant role that helps drive supply and demand. The Government of Ontario, through the release of Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building the Circular Economy, has also made a high-profile and important commitment to use “green procurement practices to build market demand for recovered materials” (Action 14). The transition to a circular economy requires a direct interrelationship between progressive policies and market opportunities, and Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) is working hard to support and facilitate this connection.

That’s why Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) is hosting a one-day event to help stakeholders better understand, support, and
accelerate the transition from a linear model of take-make-dispose to one that achieves greater circularity. We want to demonstrate how
organizations can leverage circular economy concepts into supply chains and procurement policies to reduce waste and greenhouse
gas emissions.


For more information:

Contact Name: Jodi Houston
Website: http://rco.on.ca/knowledgesessions2017
Phone: 416-657-2797 ext 10
E-mail: jodi (at) rco.on.ca


To avoid disappointment, please confirm details with the
event organizers, especially if travelling from a distance.

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