About the Calendar

The Calendar is a place where organizations from across Canada can publicize and promote their environmental events, courses and conferences. Topics include environment, energy, climate change, sustainability, conservation and many related themes. The Calendar is displayed at RCEN, Planetfriendly and affiliate sites. For participants and organizers alike, it's a great way to learn, network and get involved.

Add an Event

To add an event, simply use the submission form. It only takes a moment, and there is no charge.

When's the best time to post an event? Now. The sooner you post, the more people will hear about your event. It will stay on the Calendar until the date of the event. Last-minute postings are also welcome.

What if the details aren't yet finalized? No need to wait until you have all the details. As long as the date of the event is at least reasonably firm, you could post a brief listing now and include a link to your own site where people can find more details and updates.

Other questions? If you have any questions, please contact the editor. Or go ahead and post it now; you can include any questions in the comments section. Each posting is reviewed by an editor before being published.

Revise an Event

To revise an event, please use the calendar revision form. If you have questions or have forgotten your password, please contact the editor.

Cancel an Event

There are two ways to cancel an event: (1) You can mark the event as cancelled by using the calendar revision form (put *** CANCELLED *** or similar text at the top of your event description). If you have questions or have forgotten your password, please contact the editor. (2) Or, contact the editor and ask them to remove the posting. Be sure to mention your e-mail address and if possible a phone number so we can confirm your request.

Questions About an Event

Each event on the Calendar is organized by a different individual, group or organization. If you need more information about any event, please contact the organizers directly. Their contact information can be found in the event description, usually near the bottom, or on the organizers' own website.

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